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American Correctional Association Top Ten Best Seller


What Others are Saying!

“I feel the mentorship and other supportive services have been incredibly beneficial (and necessary) to Fairview’s African-American students. Fairview’s African American and bi-racial population are steadily and rapidly increasing, but this subgroup is still a minority in the building. Additionally, there are currently no African American or bi-racial staff members at Fairview for our students to work with. Having an African American mentor provided students with an adult who could better understand and relate to their backgrounds and cultures. Students who worked with Lonnie had a connection, relationship, and advocate at school that otherwise would not have existed.”

Kate McLaughin
Fairview Elementary School

“ Lonnie has been such an incredible asset to the Reynolds School District. I have received very positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers regarding the work Lonnie has done this year. Lonnie is very down to earth and engaging, has great follow through and is willing to go the extra mile to help our students. I hope that he can continue working with the students and families in Reynolds School District next year!”

Anne Margaret O’Brien, LCSW
School Counselor
Reynolds School District

Lonnie has made huge, measurable improvements in the behavior, school citizenship and grades of some of our toughest students, regardless of race.

Comparison of Referrals:
2015-2016 ( September through January)
African American Males- 52
Latino Males- 80

2016-2017 ( September through January)
African American Males- 26
Latino Males-40

Lonnie's life experiences, work history, and educational background make him ideally suited to reaching kids that may otherwise be at risk of falling through society's cracks.

Marti Magee Executive Assistant to the Principal
Reynolds Middle School

“I feel the LESP program gave our black students peers and adults to look up to. Ultimately, to have someone that looks and talks like you is a huge thing. I am excited to see what we can do once we have a full year to do this work!!”

Nicholas Thompson
Math/Science Teacher
Reynolds Middle School

“Absolutely, the mentorship and other supportive services was and is beneficial to students, teachers, counselors, etc…Regarding one on one’s, group sessions it keeps everyone involved (collectively and collaboratively) on the same page when it comes to the needs and support of our African American students. I felt the family night event and checking in with counselors and teachers was great. Consistency is the key.”

Eric Thompson
In School Suspension Monitor
Reynolds Middle School

"Be a good person and a positive leader. Always do your best."

5th Grade Student
Fairview Elementary School


" I learned to focus more on my grades. That there's a time to speak and there's a time to be quiet. Treat people how you want to be treated."

6th Grade Student
Reynolds Middle School


“To be consistent and to speak positive about myself. To hold myself in high esteem”

8th Grade Student
Reynolds Middle School

“Lonnie is the perfect blend of wisdom, warmth, drive, acceptance, advocacy, patience, and social intelligence for the job. He understands that teachers are extremely sensitive about their cultural competence and has been patient and mindful in building trusting relationships that has led to teachers “buying in” and seeking his advice on best practices”

T. Kelly Polychronis
School Counselor
Reynolds Middle School


"Lonnie Jackson is a new presence in east [Multnomah] County who can help us tackle big problems head on. He combines a background in gangs and broken communities with leadership experience in public policy. He brings a gracious and engaging communication style. Together, it all adds up to a leader who can move the conversation forward".

Brad Ketch
Community Development Corporation of Oregon (Rockwood CDC)

Lonnie Jackson grew up in a violent, drug, crime, and gang infested area of South Central Los Angeles. He experienced first-hand the devastation gang activity had on the lives of people in his community. Today, in addition to being a dynamic speaker and author he is President of Jackson and Associates Training and Consulting Services and founder and former Director of the nationally recognized Oregon Youth Authority Office of Multi-Cultural Services which has assisted numerous youth offenders into becoming positive and productive young people returning to their communities.

Lonnie has been the leading advocate in Oregon state government on addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and was appointed by the Oregon Governor's Office to Chair the Governor's Summit Planning Committee on Eliminating DMC in the Juvenile Justice System since its inception, which brings together key stakeholders/partners in education, community organizations, families, youth,, communities of color, Native American Tribes, juvenile departments, juvenile and adult corrections, law enforcement, legislators, judicial, private sector, and others to address this serious issue.

Lonnie Jackson and Shay Bilichick panel discussion
Shay Bilichik (left), Founder and Director of Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown Unversity, moderating a panel discussion with Lonnie and other nationally recognized experts on intensive juvenile after care and re-entry services at the national Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Conference in Washington, DC

Human Rights Award presented to Lonnie Jackson
Lonnie Jackson receiving the
Human Rights Award
Human Rights Award presented to Lonnie Jackson
He has held keynotes, presentations, and workshops all around the country on such topics as DMC, Mass Incarceration, Youth Violence, and Gang Prevention and Intervention strategies and services. He has received numerous recognition and awards for his leadership and efforts in helping at-risk and gang involved youth, including: Compton Award from the Marion County Bar Association for extraordinary service to the Bar and Judicial System, City Council of Los Angeles Commendation of Achievement Award for his efforts in preventing youth violence, Oregon Criminal Justice Association Management Leadership Award, Willamette University Distinguished Alumni Award, KGW TV Citizenship Award, and most recently the Oregon Counseling Association "Human Rights Award" at their annual state wide conference.

Lonnie received a grant from the United States Information Agency to conduct a community action and drug abuse prevention project in Bangkok, Thailand.

Role Model: My mother, Ann Jackson for all her strength, courage, perseverance, and compassion, her generous and kind spirit, and most importantly her never-ending unconditional love and support of me and our family. She is truly a blessing and gift from God!

quoteThere's only one Lonnie Jackson. He's one of the special people, a true hero. His speaking ability is really wonderful and he relates to all levels of people.quote

Alice Galloway
Consultant and former Executive Director Oregon Children's Foundation



The Reynolds School District has contracted with Jackson & Associates to provide consulting, culturally responsive mentorship, positive youth development, motivation and engagement, restorative justice, conflict resolution, mediation, youth violence/gang prevention, crisis response and other direct and supportive services to minority students, families, and RSD staff throughout schools in the district for the 2017-18 school year, and again for the 2018-19 school year.

RSD Pre-Instructional Conference - August 2017

Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson & Associates and Stacy Talus Principal at Reynolds Middle School facilitated a training session on "Strategies to Reduce Disproportionate Discipline and Racial Disparities"

Ending the New Jim Crow - May 2017

Lonnie Jackson, President Jackson & Associates was a panelist for a community public forum on "Restorative Practices in our Schools" sponsored by the Ending the New Jim Crow at the New Song Community Center.

Reynolds School District Board of Directors Meeting - May 2017

Dan Ryan CEO of All Hands Raised, Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson & Associates, and Stacy Talus Principal Reynolds Middle School gave a presentation to the RSD Board of Directors on their work and progress in reducing "Racial Disparities in Discipline and Education"

Dan Ryan, CEO of All Hands Raised. Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson & Associates. Stacy Talus, Principal of Reynolds Middle School -RSD Board of Directors.

Metro/East Community Hotline Show - May 2017

Stacy Talus Principal Reynolds Middle School and Lonnie Jackson President Jackson & Associates were guests on the Metro/East Community Hotline Show discussing "School Discipline".

Jackson & Associates Receives "HOPE AWARD" - April 2017

Dr. Centae Richards Director of the Reynolds School District Office of Equity and Compliance presented the Community Partner "HOPE AWARD" to Jackson & Associates for courageously working to level the playing field by bringing equitable access and hope to students and families at their Equity and Access Conference.


Cory's Story - February 2017

The All Hands Raised Fundraising Benefit supporting Education, Equity, and Excellence at the Moda Center debuted the mini-documentary "Cory's Story" at this event. Jackson & Associates provides services and supports to Cory at Reynolds Middle School and are very proud of the progress he has made.

Reynolds Middle School Black History Month Assembly - February 2017

Jackson & Associates coordinated the first ever Black History Month Assembly at RMS. The theme for this event in the school gym was "Make That Change". RMS students did oral presentations on the significant accomplishments of Blacks, Social Injustice and Empowerment, Racial Inequalities, and their Hopes for the Future. They also celebrated African -American culture through dance, music, and poetry readings. Majestic Stoudamire was the guest speaker/performer at this successful event!


The Reynolds School District through it’s Office of Diversity and Compliance has contracted with Jackson & Associates to provide consulting, culturally responsive mentorship, positive youth development, motivation and engagement, restorative justice, conflict resolution, mediation, youth violence/gang prevention, crisis response and other direct and supportive services to minority students, families, and RSD staff throughout schools in the district.

East/Metro Economic Alliance Meeting - 2016

Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson and Associates was the featured speaker on "What Can Be Done to Prevent Gangs from becoming Entrenched in the Community".

RSD Pre-Instructional Conference - 2016

Lonnie Jackson, President Jackson & Associates and Stacy Talus, Principal at Reynolds Middle School  facilitated a training session on " Strategies to Reduce Disproportionate School Discipline".

Jackson & Associates Implements Black History Class at Reynolds Middle School/SUN Program! October 2015 to May 2016

Black History MonthLonnie Jackson, Eric Thompson, and Reynolds Middle School Black History Class performed and displayed artwork at the SUN Program Talent Show. They also made outstanding oral presentations on Social Justice, Equality, and Black History at the Reynolds School District Board meeting. Jackson & Associates having a positive impact with minority students in RSD!

Reynolds Students Black History Class

JACKSON & ASSOCIATES Facilitating “Leadership and Achieving Success In School and Life” Classes at RMS/SUN Middle School Summer Program -- July-August, 2015

These classes are being held at Reynolds Middle School and include boys and girls. The focus of these classes is to have “ REAL TALK” and engagement with students. It will entail offering opportunities for safe and open communication, strengthening relationships between students and adults, respect and understanding, assisting with conflict resolution, and empowering all students. Students will receive information, motivation, and the strategies and skills necessary to be successful in school and life.  We had to increase the cap space due to the high number of students who signed up to participate. Students in the classes are very diverse and include: African American, Latino, Asian Pacific/Islander, Native American, and Caucasian students.

Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) -- July 2015

Jackson & Associates provided training for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) program youth service providers on "Mentorship and Effective Strategies for building Positive Relationships, Respect, and Trust with Diverse Students and Families".

Urban League of Portland -- May, 2015

The Urban League of Portland released its second “ State of Black Oregon” report in May 2015. The report shows that problems in the Black community have persisted or worsened.

Generational problems like unemployment, health, education achievement, housing instability, disproportionate incarceration rates, and business retention continue in Oregon’s Black community, mirroring national statistics.

Black people are locked up at a rate that is six-times that of their white counterparts who stand as the state’s majority making up more than three-quarters of its total population.

Homicide remains the leading cause of death for Black youths 10-24 in Oregon, which is noted as a symptom of compounded stresses, multiple traumas including personal ones, and environments that over stimulate the “fight” or “flight” responses.

Black students are also disciplined and suspended at higher rates than their white counterparts for exhibiting similar behavior, further perpetuating the school to prison pipeline, the report notes.

Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson & Associates served on the Urban League  “ State of Black Oregon” Advisory Committee for this report


Stacy Talus, Principal of Reynolds Middle School and Lonnie Jackson, President, Jackson & Associates hosted Black Parent Night in the RMS cafeteria.  The theme for the evening and banner was created by African American students in the Leadership, Empowerment, and Success Program (LESP) “Young Blacks Striving for a Brighter Future”. This event was a positive and important step in providing families and community members a welcoming space to begin social networking, communicating, and opening a conversation with RMS administration, counselors, and teachers. It presented an opportunity to listen and give voice to families and community. Everyone was in agreement on future meetings to further collaboration and continue the process of making RMS a safe and approachable school.


Lonnie Jackson delivered an insightful and powerful presentation on "Saving Our Youth! What can be done to prevent Youth Violence and Gangs" at Portland State University for a Criminal Justice/Gang Prevention Forum.

Jackson & Associates Launches Leadership, Empowerment, and Success Program (LESP) at Reynolds Middle School (RMS) for African- American Students! -- March, 2015

Jackson & Associates worked collaboratively with Reynolds Middle School (RMS) administration in coordinating and implementing the LESP program for African American students. Jackson & Associates met with African American students in one on one (counseling sessions) during the school day and twice a week in-group sessions as part of the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) after school program. The purpose of these individual and group sessions were to offer support, both socially and academically to African American students as identified by school counselors, administrators, and the SUN program manager. Most of the students referred to the LESP face significant academic, economic, and social obstacles. Jackson & Associates also met with teachers and counselors to discuss student progress, challenges, and needs.

The LESP has been overwhelmingly positive from all stakeholders, parents, educators, and students. Planning has already begun between Jackson & Associates and RMS administration to continue and expand the program and services when school begins in fall September 2015!


Lonnie Jackson, President of Jackson & Associates, Dr. Centae Richards, Director, Office of Equity and Compliance Reynolds School District, and John Lenssen, Education and Diversity Consultant facilitated and held successful 3-day training seminars on Restorative Justice Practices to Reynolds School District staff and administration. The seminars also focused on exclusionary discipline and how suspensions and expulsions impact students of color.


Knowledge of Self is the foundation that unlocks the potential and success in all of us.


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